What a load of rubbish!

What a load of rubbish!

SACC had a stall at the village fete in June and were responsible for the waste management at the fete. SACC provided full recycling and composting facilities and encouraged the use of compostable cups. Compostable drinks cups are made from plant starch and although they feel like plastic, they are not and are clearly marked and belong in the compostable bin.

SACC are committed to reducing the waste sent to landfill and were delighted that, of the many bins full of waste produced at the fete, only a small carrier bag full was sent to landfill. To achieve this however did mean hand sorting through all the different waste bins, separating incorrectly placed items, which was an unpleasant task!

SACC have tried to make depositing waste in the correct bin at the fete as easy as possible by using clear signs and pictures. On behalf of those who sort through the rubbish we would like to remind everyone to please think carefully before depositing their waste.

Items which we repeatedly found in the wrong bin were food leftovers, blue plastic gloves and plastic sweet and crisp wrappers. Plastic gloves and sweet wrappers are not currently recyclable so should be placed in your Black bin.

All waste food, including leftover meals, raw and cooked food, peelings and bones should go in your Green bin. If you don’t like the idea of putting food straight into your Green bin it can be put in compostable corn-starch bags available from Lakeland/eBay etc. or from SACC at 99p for a roll of 20.

We know it’s not always easy to recycle /compost but it’s worth remembering that recycling saves serious money. Every penny spent on landfilling rubbish is a waste of public money. Using recycled materials to make new products consumes considerably less energy than using raw materials.

Did you know you can now recycle the following items through your kerbside collection service?

• Small Electrical and Electronic Equipment (calculators, toasters, smoke detectors, watches, phones etc.).

• Textiles (clothes, rags, sheets, towels, curtains)

• Household batteries (phone, power tool, household but NOT car batteries)

Simply put the items in separate carrier bags, tie them up and place them alongside (not in) either your grey refuse bin or blue-lidded recycling bin on your normal collection day. The items must be small enough to fit in a standard-sized shopping carrier bag. Please put each material in a separate bag (e.g. one for textiles, one for batteries and one for electrical/electronic items).

For more information about where and what you can recycle visit (www.warwickshire.gov.uk/azrecycling).


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