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2020 Grants

2020 GRANTS Application 1 (2020/1): Loft insulation – Resident (Requested £173.64 / Granted £250) Carried forward from last year Application 2 (2020/2): Wildflower Verge Pilot in Snitterfield (Requested £950 / Granted £50) Carried forward from last year Application 3 (2020/3): Insulation of skeilings – VHMC (Requested £1000 / Granted £2000) Carried forward from last year […]

Flooding, Wildlife & Climate Change

STAG Snitterfield Trees Action Group. The national effort to combat the impact of climate change and to mitigate flooding through tree planting is now underway with urgency. Trees absorb significant quantities of greenhouse gases. Trees reduce flooding, absorbing about 60% of run-off water from rainfall. Trees absorb dangerous gases and trap damaging particulates. A simple […]

Free Grants

This year’s grants from Snitterfield Actioning Climate Change to reduce the carbon footprint of the village totalled over £3,700 and included loft insulation, LED lighting and a living roof. We always welcome applications so get in contact or download the simple application form on the Free Grants page of the website. Applications are reviewed at […]

Power to the People

A vast tree planting campaign across the world could play a huge part in reducing our net carbon emissions. Tree planting is a climate change solution that is available now, is relatively low cost and every one of us can get involved. As trees grow, they absorb and store the carbon dioxide emissions that are […]

A New Broom

Thanks to the extreme generosity and hard work by Ben Clifford of SACC now has a new low carbon website and a shiny new logo. Keep up with latest events and happenings via our website (once we’ve worked out how to use it!) and follow SACC on Facebook.

Climate Emergency

Stratford Town Council, Stratford District council and Warwickshire County council have all declared Climate Emergencies. SDC have pledged to take local action to contribute to national carbon neutral targets through the development of their own practices and policies, with an aim to be carbon-neutral in Stratford District by 2030.

Whose carbon is it anyway?

Christmas is a period of shopping excess referred to by the retail sector as the “golden quarter”. China’s industry moves into overdrive to ensure shelves are stocked here in the UK. The reduction in climate change gases that we have achieved in the UK are partly through our choice to “off shore” our pollution by […]

Talk by Godfrey Armitage

Godfrey Armitage

Visit By Siân Berry

SACC were delighted to welcome Siân Berry, Co-leaded of The Green Party to Snitterfield. Mary, Vikki and Duncan from the SACC team explained the work being done to reduce the carbon footprint of Snitterfield. Siân listened with great interest and commended the work being done. She added that the mantra “Think globally, act locally” has […]

Grant funding awards

Application 1: (2018/1) Electric Heaters – Private dwelling (Requested £750 / Granted £750) The committee considered this application with interest and noted that the electric heaters were requested by a senior member of the community wishing to move away from coal to electricity. Whilst SACC support moving away from coal there is clearly an opportunity to […]