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Flooding, Wildlife & Climate Change

14 April 2020


Snitterfield Trees Action Group.

The national effort to combat the impact of climate change and to mitigate flooding through tree planting is now underway with urgency.

  • Trees absorb significant quantities of greenhouse gases.
  • Trees reduce flooding, absorbing about 60% of run-off water from rainfall.
  • Trees absorb dangerous gases and trap damaging particulates. A simple row of trees in front of a home or school has been shown in research to reduce pollution inside homes by up to 60%. Adults and children are seven times less likely to develop asthma if they live in a tree lined road.
  • Trees reduce speeding and criminal behaviour.

Snitterfield is starting a group, with assistance from the Parish Council, focused on getting trees planted in order to take on the challenges of climate change and flooding but to also improve our immediate environment and encourage wildlife and biodiversity.

We need volunteers to make a difference. Over the next 10 years we plan to plant an area of over 1 square mile. If you would like to get involved then please email Claudine (


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