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VILLAGE FETE ON SUNDAY 21st June 12-4. Have a go at the Treasure Map, try your hand at stuffed toy animal ‘wanging’, and see our recycling and LED lightbulb display.


We need help! There are lots of projects we would like to get going but we are a committee of 8 busy people. We do as much as we can, and we have achieved a huge amount since we formed in 2007, but we want to do more. Climate change is here to stay and […]


Chairs report The chair reflected on the work undertaken during the year including the Fete stand, the tea and cake afternoon and the visit by Natalie Bennett of the Green Party. The chair thanked everyone for their efforts during the year despite the inexplicable drop in priority that has occurred in the last 6 months […]

SACC Annual Community Solar Grants

2014 saw a record number of requests for money to support carbon reducing initiatives in the village. Each year, the money generated by the electric solar panels on the sports club and village hall is distributed by SACC at the September AGM. A total of £3,265 was available this year, a little higher than previously as the […]

Green Party Leader Visit

The Leader of the Green Party paid a visit to the district in November 2014. Party leader for England and Wales Natalie Bennett visited Snitterfield Primary School where she discussed the importance of green thinking with youngsters from the schools eco group. She also called in to praise the achievements of Snitterfield Actioning Climate Change […]

What can I do about Climate Change?

1. Join the SACC Committee. We need help! There are many projects we would like to get going, but we are 7 busy people. We do as much as we can, and we have achieved a huge amount since we formed in 2007, but we want to do more. Climate change is with us and […]

What a load of rubbish!

What a load of rubbish! SACC had a stall at the village fete in June and were responsible for the waste management at the fete. SACC provided full recycling and composting facilities and encouraged the use of compostable cups. Compostable drinks cups are made from plant starch and although they feel like plastic, they are […]


August 2013: How does The Green Deal benefit you? The Government has set legally binding targets for greenhouse gas emissions to prevent dangerous climate change. In order to achieve these targets, the Government has set legally-binding carbon budgets across all sectors of the UK economy including our homes, communities and workplaces. The Government has introduced […]


SOLAR PANEL Feed in Tariff amounts generated to 18TH 0CTOBER 2012 Snitterfield Village Hall – £1204 from the 3.6kW system installed 7th Dec 2011 (earning 43.3p per unit generated). For the first two years this money is for the village hall to spend on energy efficiency projects at the village hall. From Jan 2014 the money generated […]