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Community Grants

17 July 2020

Application 1: 2019/1 Loft insulation – Private dwelling (Requested £173.64 / Granted £250 with conditions)
This application seeks to fit quilt style insulation in to a roof space currently largely un-insulated. The committee agreed that this would make a valuable contribution to reducing their carbon footprint and that the application also benefitted from being installed by the applicant. The details attached to the application indicated that the insulation suggested is one with a relatively high embodied energy and SACC increased the granted value to allow a sheep’s wool mix insulation to be fitted which is more sustainable as it has a lower embodied energy.

Application 2: 2019/2 Wildflower Verge Pilot in Snitterfield – Verges at the end of Frogmore Lane (Requested £950 / Granted £50)
This application seeks to dedicate part of the verge where Frogmore road meets Smiths Lane to become a wildflower verge. This application was keenly discussed by the committee and a site visit made. Clearly this is an exciting initiative that will be enjoyed by parish, but the committee were unable to identify any carbon reduction resulting from the project. It was noted however, that the verge will be an opportunity to talk about wider environmental issues and as such an award was made to support educational work associated with the project.

Application 3: 2019/3 Replacement of two single glazed windows – Private dwelling. (Requested £400.00 / Granted £400.00)
The applicant has two small single glazed windows which they would like to change out for double glazed units. The committee considered that this application clearly would have a positive carbon reduction impact and so the grant was approved in full.

Application 4: 2019/4 Water heater in kitchen & skeilings – Village Hall Management Committee. (Requested £1,000.00 / Granted £2,000.00)
This application was for two items the first of which was for micro tank electric water heater for the Kitchen and gents toilets. This is part of an improvement project which has allowed the old gas water heater to be retired. The application was enthusiastically debated but ultimately the committee could not identify an obvious reduction in CO2 emissions from this application from the status quo.
The second item was to insulate the skeilings in the main hall. This raised a lot of enthusiasm and it was agreed to increase the grant value in order to push the project forward. On this basis £2,000 was granted including £452 of ring-fenced funds.

Application 5: 2019/5 Replacement halogen bulbs – Private dwelling. (Requested £115 / Granted £200.00)
The applicant has 87 halogen down lights in their house and wishes to replace all with LEDs. The committee strongly supported this application but noted that the LEDs the applicant had suggested were of relatively low power and potentially not very reliable and consequently may prove disappointing. The committee suggested that a member would talk to the applicant about different LED options and try a few different types which SACC have available. To facilitate this potential upgrade in quality the committee increase the award to a maximum of £200.

Application 6: 2019/6 Replacement of single glazed windows – Private dwelling. (Requested £500.00 / Granted £500.00)
The applicant had single glazed windows which they changed last year as part of a project to improve all of their windows. The committee considered that this application clearly would have a positive carbon reduction impact and so the grant was approved in full.

Application 7: 2019/7 Cellar heating upgrade – Private dwelling. (Requested £400.00 / Granted £100.00)
The applicant has replaced an old bar electric heater with a more modern unit containing a thermostat and a timer. It was noted by the committee that, in itself the old heat is no less efficient than the new heater save the fact that the thermostat and timer mean that the heater is more likely to heat at the correct times and with better control. On this basis the committee awarded an amount less than the full request.

Application 9: 2019/9 Planting of 5 trees – Private dwelling. (Requested £500.00 / Granted £0)
The applicant wishes to plant 5 trees on an area at the rear of their garden. This application chimes well with the clear need to radically increase tree density around the world to absorb and sequestrate CO2. The committee, on balance felt that there may be better opportunities going forward where the cost per tree would be less.

Application 10: 2019/10 Phone box lighting (Requested £60 / Granted £0)
This application appears to be the same as last year which was declined. After some deliberation the committee concluded that this project does not reduce the carbon footprint of the village. It might be considered educational, but was felt to be vulnerable to vandalism.

Application 11: 2019/11 Compostable Cups – Sports Club (Requested £103 / Granted £103)
This application forms part of the continuing support that SACC provides to the Sports Club for using compostable cups instead of plastic cups. The committee supported this application

Application 12: 2019/12 Sedum Shed Roof – Private Dwelling (Requested £360 / Granted £180)
This application covers some of the additional cost associated with creating a living roof on a shed to be built shortly. The committee conducted a site visit and discussed the application with the applicant. The committee after some deliberation concluded that the roof would reduce carbon when compared to other roofing methods and so were willing to make a contribution.

Note that SACC will no longer accept retrospective application unless there are extenuating circumstances.


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