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01 October 2017

Application 1: Forest of Hearts: – Off grid solar project (Requested £1000 / Granted £1000)

The committee considered this application with interest and noted that SACC had supported Forest of Hearts last year for a similar amount. Whist there was strong support for the project it was noted that this project does not directly reduce the carbon footprint of the village although the educational opportunity was not overlooked. It was also considered that the technology required is now widely available and that ‘prototyping’ is not entirely necessary. On this basis it was felt that the funds should be used to purchase an off grid system with Forest of Hearts responsible for the costs for installation. A grant of up to £1000 will be paid on production of receipts for the parts required to create an off grid system. Alternatively, SACC would be happy to purchase a bill-of-materials presented by Forest of Hearts. It was requested that some signage is put in place at the end of the installation indicating the source of the funding.

Application 2: Energy efficiency measures – Private dwelling (Requested £800 / Granted £400)

The Committee, having considered the application, concluded that the extensive works undertaken to improve the property would need Building Regulation approval and, as such, be mandatory. However, consideration was given to the fact that the applicants request is relatively modest and represents a best estimate at the reduction in carbon footprint. The Committee struggled with granting funds retrospectively against a non-specific project, but also wishes to encourage parishioners to come forward as the applicant has. On this basis it was agreed that a representative from SACC would contact the applicant to arrange a site visit to assist in identifying up to £400 worth of costs as being above-and-beyond Building Regulations.

Application 3: Loft Insulation – Private dwelling (Requested £360 / Granted £360)

Given the poor levels of insulation currently in the loft and the willingness for the applicant to install the insulation themselves this was a relatively easy decision. SACC is happy to supply 16m2 Thermafleece CosyWool Sheeps Wool Insulation with a thickness of 280mm, which is the current recommended thickness.

Application 4: LED lighting in village Hall (Requested £276 / Granted £180)

The committee were pleased to receive an application from the Village Hall which is an important amenity to parishioners. After some deliberation it was concluded that SACC would be delighted to supply the applicant with 14 Philips LED tubes (1500mm). This will allow the Village Hall committee to independently decide if they wish to renew the light fixtures. SACC would be delighted to install the tubes.

Application 5: Telephone box rejuvenation group – lighting (Requested £60 / Granted £60)

After much deliberation the committee concluded that although this project does not reduce the carbon footprint of the village it might be considered educational. It was felt to be vulnerable to vandalism and measures to prevent this would be welcomed.

Application 6: Roof Insulation – Private dwelling (Requested £826 / Granted £500)

This application seeks to put rigid insulation between the roof rafters to create a ‘warm’ roof space. There was some concern that this may cause condensation issues which need to be considered before the grant is made. The Committee agreed that we would contribute up to £500 to the purchase of insulation material to be placed on the roof void and would be happy to assist in identifying the best use and type of insulation to meet the applicant’s needs.

Application 7: Replacement of insulation in flat roof – Private Dwelling (Requested £1000 / Granted £500)

The committee viewed this application great interest. After some discussion the committee concluded that the applicant should reasonably expect to install insulation to meet current Building Regulation standards.

As an organization mandated to reduce the carbon footprint of the parish the committee wishes to encourage applicants to go above and beyond building Regulations and as such are willing to grant up to £500 for any insulation materials that are in excess of current standards.

Application 8: LED lighting – 8 off lights – Private dwelling (Requested £80 / Granted £80)

With this application it was noted that the room in which these lights will be fitted supplementary lighting is required during the day for much of the year. The lights being on so much of the time a significant saving in money and carbon footprint can be made.

Application 9: Insulation to under-floor of Private dwelling (Requested £1,221 / Granted £1,200)

This was an application from a SACC committee member (Ian Spiers). The member left the room for the duration of the deliberations and an independent monitor (Alister Jones) oversaw deliberations.

The application suggested two methods of insulating the underfloor. It was noted that it was possible to incorporate both forms of insulation to create an enhanced insulation system. On this basis the committee was inclined to pay for both methods of insulation, but not contribute the installation cost.


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