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2020 Grants

19 October 2020


Application 1 (2020/1): Loft insulation – Resident (Requested £173.64 / Granted £250)

Carried forward from last year

Application 2 (2020/2): Wildflower Verge Pilot in Snitterfield (Requested £950 / Granted £50)

Carried forward from last year

Application 3 (2020/3): Insulation of skeilings – VHMC (Requested £1000 / Granted £2000)

Carried forward from last year

Application 4 (2020/4): Loft insulation – Resident (Requested £350 / Granted £1100)

This application was for the materials to allow the applicant to install an additional 200mm of loft insulation to give an overall thickness of greater that 270mm, which is the current recommended minimum thickness. The committee were please to grant this application in full as the amount of heat loss over an extended period will be very significant so the additional insulation will significantly reducing energy bill and carbon footprint. The committee further noted that they would be willing to increase the grant to cover the additional cost of installing Thermafleece CosyWool sheep’s wool insulation which has a relatively low embodied carbon content. Furthermore the committee agreed to increase the grant to a maximum total value of £1,100 to allow the applicant to optionally procure materials to lift the existing loft floor sufficiently to increase the insulation across the whole of the loft floor.

Application 5 (2020/5): Bell tower carpet – Bell ringers (Requested £80 / Not Granted)

Unfortunately SACC’s constitution only allows grants to be awarded that reduce the carbon footprint of Snitterfield parish. It is suggested that such a request for funds might be forthcoming from the fete committee.

Application 6 (2020/6): Trees and hedging – Andy Resident (Requested £100 / Granted £100)

Planting of 27 Yew trees for hedging and 7 Hornbeam trees as part of his house and garden project. SACC agreed to make a contribution to the planting of trees/hedging of £100.


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