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01 January 2014

August 2013: How does The Green Deal benefit you?

The Government has set legally binding targets for greenhouse gas emissions to prevent dangerous climate change. In order to achieve these targets, the Government has set legally-binding carbon budgets across all sectors of the UK economy including our homes, communities and workplaces. The Government has introduced The Green Deal in order to make our homes, communities and workplaces more energy efficient.

The Green Deal is a new way to pay for energy-saving home improvements including insulation, double glazing, condensing boilers, solar panels and heat pumps. The cost of the improvement is applied to your utility bill over time so that home owners and tenants can spread the payment over several years. The measure you install should never cost more than what you will save on your energy bills. This is known as the Golden Rule.

The Green Deal is new and as such has experienced teething problems. Care should be taken when choosing your Green Deal Assessor.

Next year, when the process has become more settled, SACC are planning to launch an initiative based on the Green Deal.

For more information please visit

July 2013 Winners Tim Dronsfield and Bruce Newsom being presented with cheques for £100 from Duncan Parker, Chair of Snitterfield Actioning Climate Change. Two prizes of £100 each were up for grabs through the SACC LED lighting campaign. Tim said “There aren’t too many things we can do to reduce the carbon footprint of our house as it is a listed building, but fitting LED lighting was a quick and easy way to make a contribution”. The £100 will be used to pay for the installation of super-efficient LED lighting through the campaign. Replacing one halogen bulb with an LED equivalent can save £140 by the time you have to replace the bulb. For a free lighting survey and report on how much you could save contact local business SolarTech Energy on 01789 730475 /

May 2013 SACC have been asked for a more detailed explanation of what LED lights are and how they compare with traditional tungsten bulbs. For information about LED bulbs please click on this link to an article by award winning ‘Make Henley Greener’30 pounds for a light bulb? (pdf, 466 K)


The sports club now has full cavity wall insulation and LED lighting in the bar thanks to the SACC community grant fund.

The money generated through the feed in tariff from the community solar panels on the village hall and the sports club, is being ploughed back into the community for energy efficiency measures, lowering the carbon footprint of Snitterfield


Snitterfield Village Hall

Saturday 26th Jan 2013, 12 – 3

THANK YOU TO THE MANY PEOPLE WHO ATTENDED FOR BARGAINS, WARMING SOUP AND HOME MADE CAKE. Thank you to everyone for the donations too. This event raised over £300 to be used to reduce the carbon footprint of Snitterfield. THANK YOU!


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